Private GitHub repositories are no longer challenging to share.

Share your repository with a colleague, a recruiter, a fan, or a student with just one click.

GitShare - The easiest way to share your private GitHub repositories | Product Hunt

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Key Features

  • One-Click Sharing

    Users can effortlessly share their private GitHub repositories with colleagues, recruiters, fans, or students through a link that can be generated within seconds.

  • Dashboard

    Enable users to easily manage their shared repositories, track visitor statistics and more to come.

Upcoming Features

Coming Soon

Your Own Portfolio

Create your own personalized GitHub portfolio, select which of your private or public repositories you want to display on your personalized page along with description and a demo of your project. Share your portfolio with its personalized link to recruiters, or add it to your CV so that employers are able to see your work easily along with the code.

Coming Soon


Gain unprecedented insights into the performance of your repositories. Track views and other metrics generated by each repository, allowing you to analyze your reach and keep track of the performance of your repositories.

Coming Soon

Monitize Your Repository

Soon, effortlessly turn your repositories into revenue streams with full control over how you monetize your content. Whether it's setting up paywalls, offering subscription-based models, or implementing one-time purchase options, this feature empowers you to generate income while fostering a thriving community around your work.

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